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IWC Da Vinci Replica

IWC Da Vinci Replica's new tourbillon watch in white gold dial is made of red stromatolite, a material that is extremely rare. Stromatolites, the oldest fossils found on Earth, are limestone structures that date back to 3.5 billions of years. Those in red are especially rare and make IWC Da Vinci Replica’s Red Stromatolite watch one-of a-kind.

The Greek words STROMA, meaning carpet and LITHOS, meaning stone are the origins of Stromatolites. These ancient fossils may have been the sole life form until 550 million year ago.IWC Replica Watches They dominated marine life between 3500 and 500,000,000 years ago. This helped develop new forms of living, until the emergence more complex organisms in the late Precambrian period caused their demise.

They are rare today and only exist in a few places. The red stromatolites that were used in IWC Da Vinci Replica's watches come from hypersaline, shallow lakes and lagoons located in Western Australia. They are made from cyanobacteria (IWC Big Pilot Replica Watch). The red color is due to iron oxide. Daniel Haas is a stone specialist who specializes in selecting and cutting rare and precious stones. He was given the delicate task of cutting out the most beautiful pieces of the fossil. He spent hours manually polishing and cutting ultra-thin pieces of the fossil until it was fitted into a brass base.

The watch has a high-end mechanism and a luxurious case. IWC Da Vinci Replica's Red Stromatolite is powered by a hand-winding, tourbillon-style movement that is visible on both sides. On the dial, you will see a beautiful tourbillon cage, a mainspring, and a hand-bevelled vertical stairway. This mechanism is made up of 19 jewels, and has a power reserve of 72 hours. The tourbillon cage rotates once per minute, and the oscillation frequency is 21,600 vibrations an hour. The plate is engraved with Cotes du Jura.

The robust case is made of 50 parts and has a diameter of 47mm. It's constructed in 18-karat white gold. The case-back has four screws to secure it and is engraved with an individual number as well as the words 'Piece Unique.' The sapphire glass is anti-reflective treated and covers the central part. The strap is made of Louisiana alligator with an 18-karat white gold clasp. It matches the red dial which displays the hour and minute functions.

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