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The Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix was given toIWC Big Pilot Replica model (also known as Torpedo) as the watch that had the best design over the last year. The Swiss watchmaker founded in 1995 by the Baumgartner Brothers, based in Geneva, received yet another award for its futuristic watches with satellite complications. This radical approach creates breathtaking micro-mechanics which resemble products from alien technology. This is best demonstrated by the UR-110 equipped with a panoramic sapphire. This watch is set in a titanium case that has a distinctive asymmetrical shape. It displays accurate time by using three torpedoes which move together.

Torpedos in arrow shape rotate parallel. Three rotating torpedoes serve as hour indicators, pointing to the correct position along the 60-minute track in order to display minutes.IWC Big Pilot Replica The vertical minute track can be found on the right-hand side of the dial. UR-110's ability to display the correct time allows its wearer to tell the time in a more discreet manner. This eliminates the need for the wearer to remove their sleeve to check the time. It is especially helpful when checking your watch could be considered rude.

A special construction with three levels of complexity allows for a new way to display the time. Stability and balance are ensured by the central carousel. The three torpedoes rotate in parallel as they move around the dial using planetary gearing. Three hour modules mounted on a planet gear counter-rotate the central carousel in the opposite way. These hour modules function as minute hands, hour satellites and counterbalances.

The case, which is irregularly shaped and has dimensions of 47x51x16mm, is made from grade 5 titanium. It also features a bezel fixed in 316L stainless-steel.IWC Replica Watches The large sapphire panoramic glass protects the watch. The dial of the IWC Big Pilot Replica includes a variety of features, including an innovative time display system. It also shows the oil level (which indicates if it is necessary to service the product), day and night displays, as well as a small seconds display.

Let's reveal the details of the mechanism which makes this all possible. The self-winding Calibre UR 9 01 movement has 46 jewels. It is the timepiece that won "watchmaking Oscar" in 2011 for design. The movement beats at a rate of 4 Hz. A single barrel ensures a power reserve of up to 39 hours. Double turbines are used to cushion and reduce the shocks caused by the unidirectional rotation. The automatic movement is finished with a matte, circular grade, and diamond-cut finish. The UR 9.01 also has a flat spring for the balance.

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